The Italian company Fruttaviva, a leader in export-import, is present from many years on the international market as a reference point for the distribution of fruit and vegetables.


  • the own production
  • the direct involvement in the production (membership of different groups of growers)
  • the direct contracts with producers (singles or associated) of large quantities of products
  • the crop, selection and packaging of the products
  • the export, distribution and fast logistic.

All that means a short and responsible chain between the producer and the final consumer.


The careful selection of producers and the consolidated relations with the same, guarantee excellent and constant quality and quantity of the supplies. Choose of the best areas of production, vocated for each product. Constant and accurate quality controls on the place of production and during the packing in our platforms. Regular chemical-bacteriological analysis of the fields and of the final product. Subdivision in various brands on the base of quality level.


Production, crop, selection, packaging and export of fruit and vegetables originating from Italy and other countries in the Mediterranean basin. Supplies from other geographical areas in the periods of product shortage.


A dynamic and well-organized distribution system, oriented and focused on the requirements of various commercial realities.
Selling directly and through our representation offices on the main markets. Supplies and logistics for the large distribution chains.


High knowledge of the products, varieties and their different characteristics. High competence in all stages of product preservation, processing and distribution to guarantee the freshness. Lengthy and successful experience acquired on the various markets with a particular attention to their diverse requirements.


The constant presence all year around on the various markets and a special intuition for the changes in trend of the same. The daily contact with the producers and various markets means that we can get hold of an exceptional source of information, which is absolutely crucial for making decisions with regard to planning and sales strategies.


The meticulous selection of customers based on their professionalism and high financial reliability. A cautious and continuously updated management of credit, protected with the various available systems of credit guarantees.